La première voiture à Jérusalem

Voiture 1908


Plaque de verre 24 x 30 cm, du fonds de Notre-Dame de France. Légende donnant la date de mars 1908, avec la précision « La première voiture automobile à Jérusalem. Des touristes Américains, visitant aussi Jéricho et Hébron ».



Question de l’archiviste : quelqu’un pourrait-il déterminer la marque et le type de la VOITURE ? Par sa calandre, son capot, etc.

Un grand merci de la part de l’archiviste (Jean-Michel de Tarragon, op)
Photo sous Copyright EBAF

From T.P. we received the following answer:
13 Mar 1908, Jerusalem’s inhabitants saw their first automobile owned by Charles Glidden of Boston. (HN, 3/13/98).
Between 1901 and 1908 Charles Glidden traveled all over the world accompanied by his wife. On August 16, 1903, they were the first automobilists to cross the Arctic Circle, this occurring in the northern part of Sweden. In their British Napier, the Lowell couple made the first automobile trip around the world, not once but twice first going east then traveling west covering 46,528 miles in 39 countries. Under a special order from the Government, Mr. Glidden was authorized to inspect the roads in other nations where they journeyed. In many of the countries visited, the Glidden automobile was the first ever seen and was an object of great curiosity, especially in the Holy Land, where they received an enthusiastic welcome.

Cf. also http://library.uml.edu/clh/Aut02.htm

The above page has another photo (at bottom) of the Gliddens (in a different car) in Boston. His wife’s name was Lucy, by the way. Also, they had their own mechanic along, supplied by the Napier company! Nice.

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